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* Denotes a required form for participation.

*Medical Form

This is a two-part form required by UIL.  It is required for participation in the band program.  If a student is also in athletics, they may share the forms between programs.  Please speak to a director or coach to assist in making this happen.

The first page is the Medical History Form.  This must be updated and turned in YEARLY by each student.

The second page is the Physical Evaluation form.  This must be completed by first and third year members of the band program.  If you are a returning member in the second or fourth year, the previous year's form may be used.  

*UIL Marching Acknowledgement

This form is required by UIL and explains the 8-hour rule.  This must be completed each year by every student.

*Band Handbook Agreement

This must be completed and signed by each student and parent each year.  Please see a director for a complete copy of the current year's Band Handbook.

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